Welcome to 2014 – the Second Year After the End of the World

Time often comes strongly to my mind at the passing from one year into another. I’m fascinated by time. It’s movement. It’s malleability and changeability. It’s great importance to our society. Perhaps the most interesting thing about time is the fact that we, human beings, made it all up. This interesting little thing we created, time, is kept in its place of importance through the agreement of human beings. 1:00pm means something because so many of us agree it does. We schedule our lives around the numbers and use many devices to remind us what time it is now. Yet we should know that the “is” in any reference to time is a bit fuzzy, not nearly as concrete as we try to make it. After all, if it were daylight savings time (DST), 1pm would instead be 2pm to those who follow the convention of DST. Those who live in states ignoring DST would still be living at 1pm.

While this is a common sense example, it illustrates the fact that time is not a fixed thing. What is more fixed are our agreements about it. We agree about time: what time it is, how long each unit of time is, how fast those units speed by, what we do at or around certain times displayed by our devices, and even the importance or lack of importance time has in the first place. In our current American society, time ranks up there with money as two of our highest secular gods. To mark our lives most of us use these two factors in  some way as measuring sticks – how much time and/or money do we have; can we get; and can we amass, to rank ourselves. How do we rate amongst our peers, what’s our place on the ladder of importance. Then we bend our lives around our agreements to make our realities  conform.

If we can build a reality around the agreement of time, or money, or anything else, then why can’t we purposely build a reality around the things that are most important to us? We as human beings have the ability to effect so many things by agreement. Yet, we most often let the default agreements govern. Perhaps it’s time, at the beginning of a new year,  to question the underlying agreements of our lives and decide what we really want to agree to going forward.


[ *For a neat look at the potential vagaries of time, and the changes it can make in reality, I recommend Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman ]

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The Price of Growth

Ever feel like the universe is charging high prices for some of those “life lessons?” These days as people deal with the lagging economy, uncertainty in government, shootings and even the Mayan prediction of the world’s end, more and more people are paying those prices. And more and more people are asking “what do I do now?”

As you can see from the previous post (and it’s year-ago posting date), I’ve been dealing with some of life’s “little lessons” myself.  Nothing like ongoing health issues to get your attention… By the way, the diagnosis is now official – Fibromyalgia, Arthroalgia, Chronic Widespread Pain Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel.  And yes, it’s been as bad as it looks.

As a result, I’ve had to come to terms with the price life sometimes exacts from us, so that we can grow or move toward the place we were meant to be. It’s become critical that, in spite of the challenges, I do those things that enliven me, support me and my family, and keep me getting up every day ready to move forward – regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes, all you can do is put your head down and keep going. Sometimes, it’s a wake up call to change. Either way, we each choose how we will deal with the choices set before us.  And every choice has its price. It also has a lesson to teach.

I’ve learned that, for me, the choice is to do those things I love ongoingly rather than waiting for someday.  I am slowly getting back to my music, my writing and dealing proactively with my health. Doing so, I’ve been reminded just how good life is.

I offer the same reminder to everyone: despite the prices, life can be good!

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Chronic Widespread Regional Rheumatoid Carpel Tunnel Fibromygodthishurtstoomuchalgia Syndrome

Writing and severe physical pain are not particularly compatible.  Especially when you try to write as you type, like I do.  However, as a writer, I feel compelled to continue my craft whenever my body allows.  In this case, it allows me to tell everyone that I am slowing WAY down on all of my electronic activities.  While it is not exactly e-mail and social media bankruptcy, it’s gonna be darn close.  If you are looking for a “speed of light” response, please go someplace else to have your needs met.  

These days I must respond at the speed of my body and central nervous system.

Breathe often and Drink lots of Water!

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Social Media and The Time Suck Void

Welcome to my website.  One of many many outlets I have been encouraged to create to help promote and sell my books and music.  Along with Facebook (both personal and “Fan Page”), Twitter, Goodreads, Youtube, Linkedin, Amazon, a book specific website and others.

Sigh…  So when is a guy supposed to be able to write or make music between posting, blogging, rating, tweeting and bashing ones brains out to read all the emails, rss feeds and other electronica that dominates our lives?  I’m not really sure.  I am just now finding ways to streamline all this hoopla and make it work the way it has been sold to me.

In the meantime, I will continue to put stuff out there and Zen garden it to increase workability and reduce e-overload.  I will also likely rant about all the insanity and foolishness that I come across in my journey…  Stay Tuned!

So how are you dealing with the 900lb Gorilla of Internet Presence and Social Media? (Just click on the comments counter beneath the “Social Media Sharing” icons 😉 to tell everyone your best e-advice.)


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